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    Alchemy Goods bags are, quite literally, recycled. They’re waterproof and the durable rubber exterior won’t easily stain. These are amazing, strong bags that you will be proud to own. As much as we hope you like your bag for the unique look, we hope you’ll also appreciate our effort to work with recycled materials. Purchase Alchemy bags knowing that you’ve helped limit the consumption of Earth’s natural resources. Even this small gesture can end up making a huge difference.

    Our Process
    Our Process

    The first thing we do is gather the materials. Seattle bike shops are cool enough to hook us up with used inner tubes that eventually become your bag’s exterior. Each inner tube has distinctive details, like patches, logos and various textures. We leave these in so you can see that each bag is truly recycled and thus, unique.

    To create the ultra-comfortable and totally durable Alchemy Goods strap, we hit local junkyards in search of cars that no longer run but still have usable parts.

    Each bag is assembled by hand in our workshop, which is another reason that no two bags are exactly the same. We take our time examining them each step of the way to ensure that quality is never sacrificed out of haste.

    Inspecting Inner Tubes
    Inner Tubes

    After they’re collected, the inner tubes are checked for holes. Any blemishes that affect quality, such as punctures or glue, are removed. The tubes are then cut open, washed and stitched together, creating the bag’s weatherproof shell.

    Inner tubes are perfect for several reasons. First, they develop a finish over time that gives them the soft feeling of a fine Italian leather. Second, they’re 100% waterproof and virtually stain proof, so you can keep your stuff dry without worry any time of year. Any Seattleite knows how important that is.
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    Seatbelt Straps
    Seatbelt Straps

    Just like with our inner tubes, each seatbelt is inspected for quality. Then it’s cleaned, splayed open and integrated in to your bag’s design to form the strong, distinctive shoulder strap you’ll love. These are way more comfortable than traditional messenger bag straps because they’re wider and constructed of soft nylon material.

    Custom products and private labeling
    Custom products and private labeling
    Custom products and private labeling

    We custom manufacture unique upcycled products from used advertising banners and reclaimed inner tubes. We can manufacture from materials you provide or private label items from our existing product line. Let us help with your next product, event or festival!
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