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    Help Center


    General Questions

    1) Why doesn’t my Alchemy Goods' item look like the picture on the website?

    2) Are Alchemy Goods' products durable?

    3) Alchemy Goods' products waterproof?

    4) Do your bags contain PVC or other toxic elements?

    5) What size bag do I need for my laptop?

    6) What’s a T-Strap?

    7) What size belt do I need?

    8) How do I change the belt buckle on my belt?

    9) Where can I find your products near me?

    Product Use and Care

    1) How do I care for my Alchemy Goods product?

    2) My product smells like tires, what gives?

    3) My bag is turning white. What is happening?

    Alchemy Goods Returns and Warranty

    1) What is your Return Policy?

    2) What is your warranty?

    3) The buckle on my bag broke, can you help?

    4) Have your bags ever stained a piece of clothing?