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    Do you ship worldwide?

    Where's my order?

    It says my order was delivered but I can't find it.


    How can I check the status of my order?

    How can I edit my order?

    How can I cancel my order?

    I forgot to use my discount code, how can I edit my order?

    Returns, Exchanges, Warranty, Repairs, Replacement Parts

    What is your Return Policy?

    What is your Warranty? Can my product be repaired?

    I need a replacement buckle for my bag, can you help?

    Material Donations

    Can I send you my used bike tubes or other materials?

    Product Questions

    Why doesn't my Alchemy Goods' product look like the picture on the website?

    Are Alchemy Goods' Products Durable?

    Are Alchemy Goods' Products Waterproof?

    Do Alchemy Goods' products contain PVC or other toxic elements?

    Which bags will fit my laptop or tablet?

    What's a T-Strap?

    What size belt will work for me?

    How do I change the belt buckle on my Alchemy Goods Belt?

    Where can I find Alchemy Goods' products near me?

    Will you make a custom bag for me?

    When will a specific product be back in stock?

    Product Care

    How do I care for my Alchemy Goods' product?

    My product smells like tires, what gives?

    My Alchemy Goods bag is turning white, what is happening?

    Have your bags ever stained a piece of clothing?

    Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

    What is your Privacy Policy?

    What are your Terms of Service?

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