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    Save a tube - donate today.

    Don’t let your old flats languish in a landfill – upcycle them with Alchemy Goods. Donors like you can give blown out inner tubes a second chance at life, as a part of our bags or wallets. To date, we’ve upcycled 500,000 tubes and counting! Thanks for doing your part to help Alchemy Goods and our environment.

    Here is how you can get involved

    REI Stores
    Become a Donor by dropping off or shipping tubes to Alchemy Goods. 
    Either visit us at our Seattle Downtown Store:
    1528 1st Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101 
    or ship to our central collection warehouse:
    2500 47th Street Unit 12
    Boulder, CO 80301
      Drop your tube off at a local REI bike shop location. Use this locator to find the closest REI store.
      Bike Shops
      Independent Bike Shops
      You too can participate and be listed on our recycling partners page. We currently do not pay to ship tubes, but will take them if you pay for shipping as a service to your customers. We suggest applying a $0.20 recycling fee to each tube sale. That will cover the shipping and handling to us. 
      • Collect tubes that are NOT goo-filled or thorn-resistant
      • Please cut at the valves to remove all air. 
      • Pack up a box of tubes that weighs between 50-69lbs. Wheel boxes are perfect and fit about 100 tubes.
      • PLEASE DO NOT SEND BIKE BOXES! UPS charges oversize penalties for bike boxes filled with tubes.
      • Ship the tubes to Alchemy Goods via your carrier of choice. We’ve found that the US Postal Service is the most economical way to ship tubes back to us.
      • Be sure to let your customers know about your commitment to reducing waste. Recycling graphics are available to post in your store.
      As a thank you for participating, we offer partner shops deals on products for all shop staff. Contact us for more information on this program.

        The Do’s:

        • Do – Send us bike tubes of all sizes, including road tubes.
        • Do – Include tubes with blowouts, holes or patches – we’ll still use them!
        • Do – put a small “nip” in the tube near the valve stem to help release all of the trapped air.
        • Do – Send in your tubes once your box hits 50 – 65 pounds – but don’t go over 70 lbs.

        The Don’ts:

        • Don’t cut your tubes in half! To maximize our material yield, please leave the entire tube intact.
        • Don’t send us bike tires.
        • Don’t send us any tubes that have slime or sealant – it fouls the other tubes and makes them unusable.
        • Don’t remove the valve stem! We use them to create zipper pulls for our bags.
        • Don’t send us garbage or refuse of any kind.