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    Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) / Warranty Instructions

    To exchange, return, or request a repair for any Alchemy Goods product, you must submit an email with the questions below to Warranty@alchemygoods.com

    We will contact you by email, providing you with an RMA number along with instructions on how to send in your product. 

    Thank you for supporting Alchemy Goods.



    Send an email to:

    (Repair / Return/ Exchange) - (Name of product) - (YOUR Order Number [####]) 

    (*please fill in your info*)

     Required information:
    1. Is this a Return, Exchange, or Repair?*
    2. First and Last Name 
    3. Shipping address, City, State, and Zip Code
    4. Phone number 
    5. Email address
    6. Order number from our store* (formatted ####)
      - If you purchased from another location please put that here. 
    7. When did you receive your product? 

    In addition to the above-required questions, please submit responses to the questions below according to your type of request. 

    For Returns:

    1. What product are you returning?
    2. What is the reason for the return?
    3. Do you have the original packaging that the item came with?

    For Exchanges:

    1. We will issue a refund or credit, and you can re-order the correct sizing, color, etc once the original product has been returned to us. 

    For Repairs

    1. Please make sure to send a picture attached with your email to Warranty@AlchemyGoods.com 
      -Please be sure your photo is clear so that our team can understand what is broken on your product. 
    2. Please include a description of the issue for our repair team.
    3. When was the product purchased?
    4. Keep in mind some products may be beyond repair if they are older models*
    We value your feedback

    Drop us a line anytime: info@alchemygoods.com

    If you'd like to suggest a material you think we can upcycle for our products, contact our recycling coordinator.