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    We want your old tubes!

    Used bike tubes are the key ingredient in our durable and stylish products. Don’t let your old flats languish in a landfill – upcycle them with Alchemy Goods. We’ll make sure your blowout gets a second chance at life in one of our bags or wallets. To date, we’ve upcycled 500,000 tubes and counting!

    Want to participate? You can deliver used tubes to bike shops who upcycle with us. You can also give a nudge to the local bike shop that you think should participate if they don't already.  You can mail them directly to Alchemy Goods via USPS flat rate box for $5.25. 

      Independent Bike Shops

      Independent shops:

      Independent bike shops everywhere can participate in our tube recycling program. As a thank you for participating, we offer partner shops Pro-Deal forms for all shop staff. Contact us for pro deal forms for your location.

      To participate, follow the steps below:

      1. Collect and densely pack a box of used tubes. Boxes between 20 and 65 pounds are ideal.
      2. Ship the tubes to Alchemy Goods via USPS or UPS Ground.
      3. Congratulate yourself for helping Alchemy Goods and the environment!

      The Do’s:

      • Do – Send us bike tubes of all sizes, including road tubes.
      • Do – Include tubes with blowouts, holes or patches – we’ll still use them!
      • Do – put a small “nip” in the tube near the valve stem to help release all of the trapped air.
      • Do – Send in your tubes once your box hits 50 – 65 pounds – but don’t go over 70 lbs.

      The Don’ts:

      • Don’t cut your tubes in half! To maximize our material yield, please leave the entire tube intact.
      • Don’t send us bike tires.
      • Don’t send us any tubes that have slime or sealant – it fouls the other tubes and makes them unusable.
      • Don’t remove the valve stem! We use them to create zipper pulls for our bags.
      • Don’t send us garbage or refuse of any kind.