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    Alchemy Goods transforms recycled bicycle inner tubes into stylish, sleek, and sustainably-produced bags and accessories for the urban lifestyle.  Alchemy was started by product engineer and avid cyclist Eli Reich when his messenger bag was stolen in 2003.  Using a borrowed sewing machine, Eli crafted a replacement from the bike tubes he had laying around.  Everyone who saw Eli’s bag wanted one of their own, inspiring him to quit his job and launch a new business.


    We’re still upcycling inner tubes (and billboards, banners, seat belts, and more) today, producing an array of messenger bags, backpacks, totes, wallets, belts, and travel items out of our Seattle shop. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, Alchemy products are built both tough and eco-friendly, combining cyclist culture and urban aesthetics and rescuing materials from landfills across America.