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    Alchemy Goods Blog



    Alchemy Goods have a genuine, eco-friendly style within each of them. That means you don’t need to follow the consumer track record of buying a new bag each season. You can invest in a high quality, upcycled, fashionable Ag bag now, without needing to pay attention to the fashion trends.

    Our bags are timeless fashion pieces made from reclaimed used materials.

    Here are our are Best Selling Bags for Women:

    Ad Bag | $30.00

    The Ad Bag was created from… a billboard. At Ag, we take what’s been thrown out and turn it into something useful. No matter the original size of the original product, we’ve found that we can turn the largest throwaways into smart uses.

    Laurelhurst Crossbody Purse | $70.00

    The Laurelhurst is a medium sized, cross body bag created from our signature reclaimed material — bicycle inner tubes. You can keep the important things on your mind, instead of the security of your bag’s contents, due to the magnetic closure on the front flap.

    Fauntleroy Clutch | $70


    At AG, we like to make bags and accessories that utilize existing materials, but more importantly are functional in any setting. Take our Fauntleroy Clutch for example, it’s made from truck inner tubes, mesh banner, and combined with nylon to finish it off. Its functionality comes from the fact that it doesn’t scream to on-lookers that it was made from upcycled materials. It’s perfect for a night out on the town.

    Rainier Zip Top Shoulder Bag | $90.00


    Some of us carry things with us, lots of things. No shame. The Rainier Zip Top Shoulder bag will keep all of your “things” secure. As an added bonus, because we know you’d rather not carry an animal carcass around your arm to hold your things, this bag is 100% vegan, made from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, but from look at it could you guess the material?

    Lucile Purse | $60.00

    Lucile doesn’t play around. She’ll tell you exactly what she wants to carry and that’s it. She keeps your minimalism in check. She’s the best friend, we all wish we had at one time or another.