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    5 under $50

    5 under $50

    Looking for just the right gift?

    At Alchemy Goods, we seek to do good by re-imagining the use of things that surround us everyday—to prevent the unnecessary waste often found in the consumer cycle. 

    By starting at the end here at Ag, versatile and unique materials such as old bike inner tubes, billboards, and other durable material are given a second chance as one-of-a-kind hand-made products. The result?

    Since 2004, Ag has diverted over 800,000 bike tubes from entering US landfills! 

    Need some perspective?

    A bike tube is on average 2 feet long. When added together length-wise it would stretch from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest over 56 times!

    This year give that special, hard-to-shop-for person in your life the gift of #nolandfill!