The Ag Team

Part of what makes Ag great is our fantastic team. 



Founder, Chief Alchemist

Among other things, Eli is blessed with two highly complimentary gifts: creative resourcefulness and design ingenuity. After someone stole his messenger bag in late 2004, Eli (avid bike commuter and product engineer) produced a replacement bag made of stuff he found in his garage: bike inner tubes. That bag became an overnight sensation in Seattle, allowing him to quit his day job and become a full time bike-inner-tube bag designer…an moniker that not too many people can lay claim on.

Secret Skill:
Mysteriously good at untangling those pesky metal tavern puzzles.




Shipping & IT Alchemist

If you were stranded on a desert island, Alex is the person you’d want to be stranded with. Not only is he capable of grand feats of box wrangling, inventory stocking, technology troubleshooting, or order processing, he’s also seriously entertaining.

Secret Skill:
Building (and riding) tall bikes.



Marketing Alchemist

Got a product that needs launching? A sale that needs promoting? Copy that needs writing? Collateral to be designing? Carrie’s got you covered, and then some. Give her a marketing problem to be solved, and she lights up like it’s Christmas morning. Luckily for her, it’s all in a day’s work at Alchemy Goods.

Secret Skill:
Barrel racing at very slow speeds.



A/P Alchemist

If keeping books is the game, then DeAndrea’s the name. And not only does she keep the books, she keeps morale up. No matter what the weather, DeAndrea maintains a steady hand on the ledger, her feet on the floor…and her sense of humor firmly intact.

Secret Skill:
Keeping calm while carrying on.



Repairs Alchemist

If you’ve got a bag that needs fixing, Eric’s your man. With his attention to detail and creative flair, Eric adds new life into your old bag.  He knows every thread, every stitch, every angle of each one of our products.  When Eric isn’t at the sewing machine, he (and his smiley moustache) is lending a hand to other Alchemists. 

Secret Skill:
Designing high-fashion apparel out of recycled materials.




Customer Service Alchemist

If Ag were a B’n’B, Jason would be the Host with the Most. He’s got the grace to make any customer feel immediately at home, the attentiveness to make a therapist jealous, and the perseverance to make sure every order is perfect. After 5 minutes with Jason, you’ll feel part of the Ag family.

Secret Skill:
Fixing Vanawagons.



Sales Alchemist

A new addition to the Ag family, Justin is the kind of guy you’d actually like to have a beer with – just one, mind you, because otherwise he might sell you the moon (he’s that good). Justin comes with ten years of sales experience in the outdoor industry and is a PR wiz to boot.

Secret Skill:
Evading large-scale forest fires.



Design Alchemist

Margaret’s magic lies in her ability to see elegance and style in recycled materials…and to make others see that, too. Working with tubes can be challenging, but Margaret brings graceful lines and bold color to the Ag product line. The result is an original urban aesthetic whose quality speaks for itself.

Secret Skill:
Making sleeping bags for Barbie and Ken (on an industrial sewing machine) at the age of 5.



Operations & Quality Control Alchemist

Nicole has the sewing chops to transform the gnarliest, toughest tubes into the softest, most stylish of bags – and, even more importantly, the ability to show others how to work that magic too. Working closely with our Seattle sewing facility, Nicole makes sure all corners are tucked and lines are just right before giving our bags the Ag stamp of approval.

Secret Skill:
Making lipstick from scratch.



Head Production Alchemist

When she’s not recruiting tube recyclers or innovating new ways of getting Ag products seen by more people, Rachel makes sure our on-site production is running as smoothly as possible. Got a belt that needs resizing? A bag that needs fixing? A patch that needs sewing-on? Rachel’s got the right person and materials for the job – and if they can’t do it, she will.

Secret Skill:
Healing burn wounds.



Tube Recycling Alchemist

If you’re a bike shop looking to recycle tubes, look no further – Stephen’s your man! Stephen can tell you which tubes we accept (almost everything) and which ones we don’t (No goo! No thorn-resistant!). He can also tell you what kind of box to pack them in (hint: wheel boxes). But really, Stephen's all-around versatile  -- sewing, tube sorting, customer-servicing, repairing, motorcycle-riding, bass-playing.

Secret Skill:
Dictating drum riffs for audio tracks by phone. 



Production Alchemist

Tomas is the muscle of the production crew, prepping our recycled materials before they’re stitched up into products.  Tomas is also the reigning champion of slitting bicycle tubes, and is incredibly thorough when readying our products for distribution (Trimming! Buffing! Polishing!)  

Secret Skill: 
Winning!  If you challenge Tomas at any game, activity, or task, be prepared to lose.